Optimizing Employee Benefits Open Enrollment

Employee Benefits Open Enrollment season is here! We would like to share a few thoughts on what to consider when evaluating your employee benefit options and how we can help. When is your Open Enrollment window? The window for evaluating your annual benefit choices varies across employers. Many of you may have recently been notified that enrollment is now or soon, … Read More

5 Actions for year-end 2023 – Schwab Charitable

Determining what to give to charity at year-end A checklist to help you increase impact and reduce taxes Coauthors:  Caleb Lund, CAP® Director of Charitable Strategies Group Schwab Charitable™ Hayden Adams, CFP® Director of Tax Planning and Wealth Management Schwab Center for Financial Research September 8, 2023 Many donors are looking for guidance on how to develop a charitable giving … Read More

Don’t get Smished: A funny-sounding word for a serious fraud risk

Smishing is a cybersecurity attack via mobile text, Whatsapp, or other social media messaging. The word is a combination of “SMS” and “phishing”. These deceptive messages are designed to trick victims into acting on their emotions quickly and can have serious consequences. How does Smishing work? The attacker sends a serious-sounding message to thousands of people at once. Even though … Read More

Sophisticated New Tech Support Scam

Please be aware of a new scam campaign that combines computer pop-up messages and phone calls.  This advanced scheme combines elements of electronic tech support scams with impersonations of real personnel at the Federal Reserve and Schwab to attempt to obtain clients’ assets and sensitive data. The scam works as follows: 1.      Clients receive a pop-up message appearing to be from … Read More

Q2 Planning Spotlight – My Taxes are Done, Now What?

“Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning” – Thomas Edison. This year’s April tax filing deadline has come and gone. First, let’s take a moment to thank our accounting professionals. Their work is an incredible undertaking, and we appreciate their efforts. Some of us may wonder, can I be better prepared for next year? The answer could … Read More