Our Clients

Our clients tend to be affluent individuals, families, trusts, business retirement plans and small- and mid-sized businesses. Typically, they have high expectations, which we strive to surpass. Depending on their goals, our individual clients generally fall into one of the following stages of life: Wealth Building, Wealth Management, Wealth Distribution, or Business Executives.

Wealth Building

Clients in the Wealth Building Stage typically earn an above-average living and have the potential to accumulate significant assets. They have high aspirations and rely on us to provide insight, perspective and advice. Clients in this program have reached the stage in their lives characterized by multiple goals such as starting a business, marriage, purchasing a first home, building a family and saving for their children’s college education. Clients may also have come into unexpected money such as inheritances or work bonuses, in which professional guidance is necessary. At this stage, we help clients define their priorities and develop strategies to help accomplish their goals.

Wealth Management

Clients who are attracted to our Wealth Management Stage tend to be older than those in the Wealth Building Stage. They are established in their careers and are either thinking ahead to retirement or have recently entered it. As a result, they have attained a place in life where they want to focus on building durable portfolios to sustain them. These clients are often involved in the sale or succession plan of their business. They may also want to begin to consider how they wish to plan for the next generation.


Wealth Distribution

Clients in the Wealth Distribution Stage typically seek reliable income as well as strategies for transferring their wealth to their children and grandchildren in an efficient manner. We offer these clients income strategies with the potential for an income stream that can work towards keeping up with inflation, assuring them a comfortable retirement. We also help clients create and implement estate-planning strategies.


Business Owners and Executives

Whether you’re a business owner or an executive, Revolve will review your employee benefits and help you understand the opportunities these plans may offer. These plans include but are not limited to: Restricted Stock, Incentive Stock Options (ISO), Non-Qualified Stock Option (NQSO), Warrants, Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP), Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), Defined Contribution Plans (401k, 403B, SEP, Profit Sharing, or SIMPLE plan), and Defined Benefit Plans (Cash Balance Plan, Money Purchase Plan). For Health and other types of insurance benefits, we will work with our business partners to review the options available to you. For business owners we review employee benefits and explore opportunities to maximize tax benefits and provide plans that help to reward, retain and recruit great talent. For executives, we review all employee benefits including employer stock plans and retirement plans to help maximize the benefits an employer is providing.